Greek Tortoises: Testudo Project

Greek Tortoises: Testudo Project

The Ecology Department of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) in Elche, has promoted the Testudo Project, a monitoring program for the conservation of the populations of the Greek tortoise in Spain. ATALAYA BIO collaborates with the initiative volunteering in the turtle census at our organic aloe vera cultivation.

We help in the search and marking of the specimens, which are later weighed, measured and returned to the place where they were found - we leave a sign on a branch with the code of the found specimen. Currently, in adult specimens, the marking is done using the Cagle System (1939), the oldest standardized method, which consists of notching the marginal shields of the back, following a numerical coding. It is common to find "recaptures", taking small blood tests that help assess the health of the specimen.

In addition, in ATALAYA BIO we are conscious about the important role played by environmental education in our society these days, so we try to bring the activity closer to the little ones, who enjoy nature while they acquire values ​​and knowledge they will never forget.

In the next post we will learn to identify males and females of Greek tortoises, through their secondary sexual characteristics. Do not miss it!

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