Recognition and Achievements

At Atalaya Bio, we are deeply devoted to our commitment to excellence. Our brand of premium organic and biodynamic aloe vera products is not only distinguished by its exceptional quality, but also by our strong dedication to environmental sustainability and a relentless pursuit of innovation. This is ingrained in our company's DNA, and we believe this essence permeates the products we create for our clients, both individual customers and B2B partners, for whom we either supply our aloe vera raw material or manufacture their own aloe vera private label products.

This endless pursuit of excellence and innovation, along with a never ending passion for preserving the natural environment in which we cultivate, through organic, biodynamic, and eco-conscious practices, has been recognized over the years by different organizations and media.

In this section we want to share with you some of the most relevant honors and awards that acknowledge Atalaya Bio's strong commitment to establishing itself as an unquestionable standard in the organic and biodynamic aloe vera industry.

Best European Entrepreneur Award in the Environmental Category

Awarded by Le Petit Journal to our founding partner, Javier Tormos, for his outstanding career as an Agronomist Engineer and vocational ecologist, highly committed to reducing the carbon footprint in all production processes.

Javier Tormos Award Le Petit Journal

Best Innovative Organic Product Award in the 'Free From' Category

Presented by Organic Food Iberia to ATALAYA BIO for their excellent development of the world's first honey made from aloe vera flower pollen and nectar. ATALAYA BIO's honey was also awarded as the 3rd Best Spanish Honey in the blind tasting organized by Mieladictos.

Awarded Aloe Vera Honey

Sustainability Award for the Preservation of the Natural Environment and the Landscape

Granted by the Spanish media La Verdad to ATALAYA BIO for their conservation efforts in the natural environment as producers of the most sustainable organic and biodynamic aloe vera.

Case of success at XXII IMEX-Madrid

Our CEO, Javier Tormos, was invited to share our success story at exporting organic and biodynamic aloe vera during the roundtable on business strategy in the agri-food sector to compete in international markets.

Javier Tormos explaining Atalaya Bio's Case of success at XXII IMEX-Madrid

BBVA Award for the Best Sustainable Producers

This prestigious recognition Granted by BBVA and El Celler de Can Roca to ATALAYA BIO celebrates our commitment to producing organic aloe vera flower honey and implementing sustainable best practices.

BBVA Award

Your support truly means more to us than any award.