What are biodynamic preparations?

What are biodynamic preparations?

Thanks to the support of our customers, ATALAYA BIO has become the leading brand of Spanish biodynamic aloe vera products certified by the prestigious international Demeter label.

Biodynamic preparations play a fundamental role in our cultivation process. In simple terms, biodynamic preparations are special blends used in biodynamic agriculture to strengthen and balance the soil and plants. These combinations are made through fermentation and composting processes of selected organic materials, which are then applied in small quantities to the crops.

One of the most well-known biodynamic preparations is the cow horn preparation (500). It involves filling a cow horn with bovine manure, burying it in the soil for several months, before unearthing it. During this process, a substance called colloidal silica forms inside the horn, which becomes a key component of the preparation. The cow horn preparation is used to improve soil structure and fertility, as well as stimulate plant growth processes. It is applied to the soil as a spray at specific times of the year, following Maria Thun's Biodynamic Calendar.

In addition to the cow horn preparation, there are other biodynamic preparations, known as compost preparations, such as yarrow (502), chamomile (503), nettle (504), oak bark (505), dandelion (506), and valerian (507) preparations. Each of them has specific properties that benefit both the soil and plants in different ways. By using these preparations in compost, our goal is to nourish the land and plants in a holistic way, promoting soil health and crop quality.

There are many benefits for the customers, including:

  1. Quality and purity. Aloe vera products from biodynamic agriculture, such as those from ATALAYA BIO, promote soil and plant health, resulting in high-quality products with higher nutrient concentrations and active ingredients compared to lower-quality products.
  2. Sustainability. Biodynamic agriculture goes far beyond organic farming. By choosing a biodynamic aloe vera product, you are contributing to the preservation of the natural balance of agricultural ecosystems and supporting environmentally friendly practices.
  3. Vitality and well-being. ATALAYA BIO's biodynamic aloe vera products are designed to promote consumer vitality and well-being. Our products are cultivated and processed harmonically with natural and cosmic rhythms, maximizing the healing and nutritional properties of aloe vera.
  4. Conscious consumption. Biodynamic agriculture fosters a deeper connection with nature and natural cycles. By choosing biodynamic aloe vera products, consumers experience a conscious connection with the food they consume and how it is produced, promoting more responsible and sustainable consumption.

The quality, purity, and nutrient concentration of products from biodynamic agriculture, combined with sustainable principles along with a direct focus on vitality and well-being, make ATALAYA BIO's biodynamic aloe vera drink the preferred choice for customers committed to quality and the environment.

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