Private and White Label

ATALAYA BIO organic and biodynamic aloe vera supplier from Spain

ATALAYA BIO offers you a wide range of organic certified private or white label products, like aloe vera bottled juices and all kinds of aloe vera cosmetics in different eco-friendly packaging (body and facial creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and oils for skin care, beauty masks, solid and liquid soaps....).

Europe can now take advantage of local aloe vera products from continental Spain. All our private and white label products can be also made from our biodynamic aloe vera, with Demeter certification.

ATALAYA BIO is the Spanish aloe vera supplier you were looking for:
  • Environnemental friendly aloe vera products. Cultivated in a natural protected area of the Natura 2000 Network, an amazing Mediterranean valley with great biodiversity. Our proximity to the European market allows us to reduce the carbon footprint generated by international shipping.
  • Quick delivery, fresher products. Decreasing the time to market, obtaining a product as fresh as possible (manufacturing on demand) and reducing the risk of potential dependencies and supply crises.
  • 100% natural juices. Unpasteurized, unfiltered, no water added, no irradiated, no frozen, preservative-free. Our juices can be stored at room temperature being one hundred percent natural, with a 24 month shelf-life and the highest quality controls.
  • Demeter. We are the first and sole company worldwide offering biodynamic aloe vera food supplements certified by Demeter.
  • A story to share. Sharing our aloe vera is sharing our story. The story of a unique aloe vera raised in a farm placed on an exceptional natural environment, surrounded by mountains and water of exceptional quality, where biodynamic farming happens within the perfect climate for aloe vera. You will be able to communicate the origin of your aloe vera products proudly.
If you want to offer the purest and most natural aloe vera juice and cosmetics, we are your best partner. Please contact us to request any technical information and prices.