Beyond aloe vera

atalaya bio aloe vera tortoise

ATALAYA BIO arises from an environmental project designed ad hoc to preserve a natural protected area framed within the Natura 2000 Network, in south-eastern Spain. The brand develops a line of biodynamic aloe vera cosmetics and food premium products from its own cultivation in such a unique space, making the maintenance of the farm possible in good agricultural and environmental condition through sustainable farming.

We are eco-entrepreneurs, committed to the real economy and the environment protection. Our activity revolves around two axes: nature preservation and social respect.

That's why ATALAYA BIO cultivates aloe with values.

Our history defines us:

  • 2000. A group of naturalists and environmentally committed humans acquires the farm for Conservation purposes, keeping it away from urban threats and other potential destruction agents.
  • 2013. Thirteen years later, the farm needs an optimized agrarian project in order to make its maintenance and sustainability viable.
  • 2014. This is how ATALAYA BIO was born, providing organic and biodynamic aloe vera with intrinsic values, respectful with the environment and all the people around it.
  • 2017. The model is extended to other local nearby farms, as more and more clients demand high quality aloe vera.
  • Today. Our clients’ success is our success, and we are happy to keep growing without losing our essence, thanks to every single human who makes this beautiful project a reality.

    ATALAYA BIO food supplements and cosmetics incorporate the highest percentages of organic and biodynamic aloe vera. Their level of purity, freshness and vitality, make them exceptional premium products. ATALAYA BIO aloe vera juices are the world's first aloe vera food supplements certified by Demeter.