Avoid and relieve insect bites

Avoid and relieve insect bites

Natural remedy for mosquito bites

Suffering from an insect bite is almost synonymous with summer.

Organic aloe vera pure gel is an effective natural solution against mosquito and other insect bites. Just applying a small amount on the bite, it calms and relieves itching, reducing inflammation and softening the mark, thanks to its high moisturizing power.

Why do mosquitoes bite me?

  • Because of your smell. It may seem crazy, but mosquitoes have a highly developed sense of smell. They are attracted to lactic acid, ammonia, and uric acid, most of which are derived from sweat.
  • Because of your heat. Body heat is directly proportional to the size of your body. That's why obese people and pregnant women feel more attracted to mosquitoes.
  • Because of your blood group. There are studies saying that mosquitoes prefer to bite people from blood group 0 - although others deny it. In any case, they all seem to agree that the consumption of fermented foods, such as yogurt or beer, do really attract mosquitoes.
  • Because of the color of your clothes. Experts recommend the use of light colors, since in addition to helping you cope with high temperatures, mosquitoes prefer dark colors.

How to avoid mosquito bites

  • Avoid moisture. Female mosquitoes seek standing water to lay their eggs. If you have plants, try to keep the dishes in your pots dry, and if you have animals, try to keep your pet's drinking fountain away from your sleeping area.
  • When choosing lights, go for LEDs. Insects are strongly attracted to the infrared light from incandescent bulbs, as well as their heat. LED-type lighting does not emit infrared light or heat up as easily, thus keeping mosquitoes away.
  • Lemon and mosquito nets. Using mosquito nets on your windows, you will keep flies and mosquitoes away from bothering you on your summer nights, without giving up to keep them open. With a little help of the traditional half-lemon-remedy by the window you will repel mosquitoes, keeping them out of your house.
  • Before sleeping, take a freezing cold shower. So you will reduce your body temperature as well as eliminate that sweat produced by high temperatures on your skin, keeping mosquitoes away.

How to deal with a sting

  • Examine your skin. If the sting goes beyond slight inflammation and itching (fever, increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, dizziness, or aggressive skin reactions), go see your doctor immediately, in order to analyze a possible allergic reaction or infection that could lead to a serious problem for your health.
  • Avoid scratching. Yes, the urge to non-stop scratching is almost irrepressible, but it is just a false relief that exponentially increases irritation, also infecting the bite.
  • Disinfects the bite. Just wash it with cold water and a neutral soap, drying it well before proceeding to apply any type of product. We recommend our artisanal aloe vera soap with honey and cinnamon, due to its highest content in aloe vera and the antiseptic properties of honey. The colder the water, the more you will reduce the swelling.
  • Use pure aloe vera gel. Once you have thoroughly washed and dried your skin, apply a small amount of pure organic aloe vera gel on the bite, distributing it until its absorption using your index finger, in a gentle circular massage. Try to focus on the bite and the affected area. It is essential to avoid aloe gels that were produced from rehydrated powder, since the therapeutic effect will be greater if it comes from fresh gel. The ATALAYA BIO pure organica aloe vera gel is a natural product, in airfree packaging, which protects the aloe from oxidation and contamination, keeping it always fresh like the first day.
  • Take advantage of your sleep hours. Before going to sleep, repeat the previous process, you will help your skin to regenerate and recover from the bite during your hours of rest. If the bite bothers you a lot, you can cover it with a gauze or similar after applying the product.

Organic aloe vera has really interesting antibacterial properties, being also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. The moisturizing and soothing properties of organic aloe vera gel help to reduce skin irritation from stings, reducing inflammation quickly and contributing to a rapid skin regeneration. However, we must be careful when extracting the inner leaf gel from the plant ourselves, since there is a risk of including stinging substances from the plant (such as aloin), causing increased irritation, be careful!

Instead, we recommend using a quality natural product, without aggressive preservatives and extracted directly from inner leaf gel of 3-4 year old plants, as we do in our ATALAYA BIO organic aloe vera gel, Cosmos Organic certified.

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