Biodynamic aloe vera

A trust seal for products from biodynamic agriculture

Demeter is the brand of biodynamic agriculture products, a prestigious label exclusive to those farmers and processors inspected and certified by the organization. It means a strict and complete verification of the production process of products from biodynamic agriculture, guaranteeing a correct compliance with its cultivation and production regulations, rigorous and without gaps, from cultivation to the packaging of the final product.

Requirements and regulations are higher and even more restrictive than those required for organic products, followed by specific needs which strengthen the vital development of the soil and its foods. The collective of Demeter farmers and processors contribute actively to a fairer future, providing healthy food with a unique personality.

Why to choose biodynamic products

Biodynamic agriculture is an holistic organic farming, based on the theories of Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy. Among its pillars, the active improvement of soil fertility, enriching its microbiology and microfauna with different biodynamic preparations, are the most relevant. Biodynamic agriculture defends the interrelation between soils, crops and fauna as a balanced system in harmony, avoiding those interventions external to the farm.

A biodynamic aloe vera product provides extra value over any other aloe vera product on the market, even if it is a product from organic farming, due to the greater restriction of standards which involves growing aloe vera plants following the methods of the biodynamic agriculture.

ATALAYA BIO biodynamic aloe vera products guarantee:

  • Maximum purity and quality. Due to biodynamic farming in a protected natural space, away from any source of pollution, insecticides or pesticides. Our aloe vera plants are irrigated with pure spring water and drinking water from a desalination plant.
  • Premium quality and high environmental commitment. We prioritize traditional and artisanal methods, minimizing the carbon footprint derived from our agricultural activity. We respect and promote biodiversity, carrying out different actions to protect nature, such as the annual census of the Moorish Rortoise in collaboration with the Miguel Hernández University (UMH).
  • Proximity and freshness. Our proximity to the European market allows us to offer high quality freshest products. We serve to individuals, herbalists, organic stores, pharmacies and distribution chains, as well as to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Differentiation. Unique premium products from Spain. All the ATALAYA BIO food supplements and cosmetic products incorporate the highest percentages of premium quality biodynamic aloe vera. Their level of purity, freshness and vitality, make our food supplements and cosmetics really exceptional products. Our ATALAYA BIO aloe vera juices are world's first aloe vera food supplements certified by Demeter, with the registration number 28998.

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