European Aloe Vera Raw Material

ATALAYA BIO offers high quality aloe vera juices from inner leaf gel, with or without pulp,  for cosmetic, clean beauty formulations and food purposes. The bulk products can be packed in different sizes, according to your needs:

  • 20 kg drum
  • 200 barrel
  • 1000 Kg container

Four great advantages of betting on ATALAYA BIO now:

  1. European organic aloe vera. On-demand aloe vera raw material purchases. Smaller and bigger orders, regular and sporadic, according to your business needs. Confidential and flexible partnership. Improve your logistic and profit, keeping your business rolling forward. Our proximity to each and all the European countries allows us to offer high quality aloe vera raw material, quickly delivered thanks to a short time-to-market (within 8-10 days). So you can order less quantity increasing the frequency of your purchases, thus always get the freshest product.
  2. Supplier of a large variety of aloe vera raw materials. Ask for your regular aloe vera extract powder or aloe vera juice in case you would need to maintain your current formula, reducing the risk of potential dependencies and supply crises with non-European suppliers.
  3. Level up your quality. Take advantage of our organic fresh inner leaf gel, cold-stabilized with the highest quality measurements and controls from the European Union in order to improve the quality of your products.
  4. Natural and sustainable. ATALAYA BIO organic aloe vera is a sustainable and affordable solution for manufacturers, adding more value to their products, thanks to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In fact, ATALAYA BIO has both organic aloe vera and biodynamic aloe vera raw materials certified by Demeter, the brand for products from biodynamic agriculture.

If you are reading this, ATALAYA BIO's organic aloe vera is the solution you were looking for.