We are what we consume

We are what we consume

Nowadays, we live surrounded by ultra-processed food, plastics, and activities that are very aggressive to the environment and our health. Is it the same to consume an ultra-processed product than an natural one? The answer is definitely no. If our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers could raised their heads, they would looked ashamed the products that we consume day after day, not to mention the planet that we are leaving to our future generations. Fortunately, people are getting more and more aware and committed with such reality.

ATALAYA BIO was born within an environmental project: we grow our organic aloe vera in a protected natural space of the Natura 2000 Network. Our products are committed with people and environment , contributing to a healthy diet and a natural skin care.

Why is it worth buying organic products?

  • Natural and healthy. Organic products do not use pesticides or chemicals in the agricultural process, keeping our organism clean of artificial chemicals.
  • Contribute to sustainability. Committed with people and the environment. Organic products are conceived for the long term, against the ephemeral exploitation of natural resources carried out by conventional production systems, supporting responsible shopping.
  • Highest quality standards guaranteed. Within European legislation framework, we do have strict control processes, which restrict the access to the European Union Organic Agriculture certificate, which guarantees the highest quality.

Besides, within organic farming, biodynamic agriculture which increases even more the degree of restriction when it comes to the selection and use of active components allowed for both the farming and elaboration of the products. In Spain, we have important references in this line, such as the DEMETER certified organic olive oil from Casa Pareja, which inspired us to take the step towards biodynamic agriculture. Today, ATALAYA BIO is the World's First Biodynamic Aloe Vera Food Supplement certified by Demeter.

We are what we consume: what do you consume?

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