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National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans

The Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) is a framework established to address the ongoing global biodiversity crisis and protect nature. It is often referred to as the Paris Agreement for Nature because it is similar to the Paris Agreement on climate change, aiming to bring together countries and stakeholders to take action and set targets for the protection and conservation of biodiversity.

The GBF consists of four goals, often referred to as the "global goals for nature," which are as follows:

  1. Address the direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss.This goal focuses on addressing the underlying causes of biodiversity loss, such as habitat destruction, overexploitation of natural resources, pollution, and climate change.
  2. Reduce the pressures on biodiversity and promote sustainable use. This goal aims to promote sustainable practices in sectors like agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and tourism to minimize negative impacts on biodiversity.
  3. Improve the status of biodiversity by safeguarding ecosystems, species, and genetic diversity.This goal emphasizes the importance of conserving and restoring ecosystems, protecting species, and preserving genetic diversity to maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems.
  4. Enhance the benefits of biodiversity and ecosystem services for all. This goal highlights the importance of recognizing the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services for human well-being and promoting equitable access and sharing of these benefits. /li>

The GBF represents a global commitment to halt and reverse biodiversity loss and sets the stage for action at national, regional, and global levels. It provides a comprehensive framework to guide policies, strategies, and actions to protect and restore nature by 2030. To achieve these goals, the GBF sets out 23 targets, collectively known as the Kunming Targets. These targets cover a wide range of areas, including protected areas, sustainable agriculture and forestry, invasive species, pollution reduction, climate change adaptation, and financial resources for biodiversity conservation.

Here's an explanation of how ATALAYA BIO demonstrates its commitment to biodiversity preservation:

  1. Organic and Biodynamic Farming Practices. ATALAYA BIO follows organic and biodynamic farming practices, which prioritize the health of ecosystems and promote biodiversity conservation. These practices exclude the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms, minimizing the negative impact on surrounding habitats and wildlife. Some organic farming practices are not allowed in biodynamic farming, which promotes the most sustainable farming practices.
  2. Protection of Ecosystems. ATALAYA BIO recognizes the importance of safeguarding ecosystems for the well-being of biodiversity. By implementing sustainable farming methods, they strive to maintain the integrity of the soil, water, and surrounding habitats, which are essential for supporting a diverse range of species and maintaining ecological balance.
  3. Preservation of Species and Genetic Diversity. ATALAYA BIO's commitment to biodiversity extends to the preservation of species and genetic diversity. They actively contribute to the conservation of species in its farm, minimizing the disturbance to natural habitats and supporting the long-term viability of the species. In this blog, you can read some articles about the Greek Turtle, and find a curious video about photo-trapping in their aloe vera farm.
  4. Consumer Education and Awareness. ATALAYA BIO strives to raise awareness among consumers about the importance of biodiversity conservation. Through transparent communication and educational initiatives, they highlight the connection between their products, biodiversity preservation, and the wider environmental context, empowering consumers to make informed choices that support biodiversity-friendly practices.

By incorporating these principles into their operations, ATALAYA BIO demonstrates a real commitment to the protection of biodiversity, which aligns with the proposals and regulations set forth in the Global Biodiversity Framework and other initiatives aimed at protecting and conserving biodiversity. Through their organic and biodynamic approach, they contribute to a more sustainable and biodiverse future, promoting the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.

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