Three Tips to Avoid the Problems of Excessive Hand Washing

Three Tips to Avoid the Problems of Excessive Hand Washing

Washing hands is our main weapon in the fight against COVID-19. Experts and authorities do recommend a thorough washing, rubbing well and drying the skin scrupulously, avoiding air-drying devices. Therefore, given the current situation, we cannot speak of “excessive washing”, but of an undeniable (and highly recommended) “recurring washing” of hands instead.

You may have already used some hydroalcoholic gel, either at work or at the supermarket entrance. It is the best way to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and protect ourselves when we don’t have access to water and soap. Nevertheless, the unavoidable repeated use of soaps, detergents and disinfecting gels right now, unfortunately has its effect on our hands and skin, especially in those who have dry skin, since it affects the lipid layer of the skin.

If you feel your hands rough, red or chapped, here are three easy tips to protect yourself:

  • Dry your hands well. Please use your personal towel or some disposable paper in order to avoid sharing towels, since germs are very easily transmitted on wet skin.
  • Always use detergents with gloves on. It is key to maintain a proper hygiene of all our spaces and contact objects. Disinfecting products such as bleach are of great help indeed, but we must always use it with gloves on, avoiding direct contact with our hands.
  • Moisturize your hands with aloe vera. Our ATALAYA BIO organic aloe vera gel moisturizes, calms and regenerates the skin. It stands out for its high regenerative power in burns, irritations and skin changes, thanks to its natural origin. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and contained in an airfree packaging with push button, keeping the product fresh and safe from contamination. It is the most natural, practical and effective aloe vera solution.

Please, don't stop washing your hands thoroughly, always following the recommendations of our authorities. There are natural products that may help us to take care and repair our hands.

And remember, stay safe and protect ourselves.

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