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ATALAYA BIO is the brand of organic and biodynamic aloe vera products trusted by many customers like you, looking for the best quality aloe vera: natural, organic and pure. There is nothing equal to these products you will find here down below. Let yourself be surprised!



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Frequently asked questions

What are the shipping costs?

Our shipping costs are based on the delivery country and package weight. The exact amount of the shipping costs will be shown during the purchase process, right after validating your basket and your address. Free shipping on orders over 50€ for Spain (Peninsula) or 150€ (Europe). For more information, you can check our Shipping Policy.

Do you deliver to my country?

This e-commerce works automatically for the European market. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to order our products from abroad, we can process your order manually if needed.

Is ATALAYA BIO juice aloin-free aloe vera?

Of course! ATALAYA BIO organic and biodynamic aloe vera juice complies with the new European regulations and does not contain HADs (HADs <1 ppm). The manufacturing process of ATALAYA BIO juice has always been from inner leaf gel, so we can offer you non-filtered
aloin-free juices, while most of aloin-free juices are filtered. Read more about it on our blog.

How can I differentiate between mediocre and premium quality aloe vera?

The intrinsic purity of the aloe vera as an ingredient is the most important thing, along with freshness, product composition, and certifications (European Union Organic Farming, Demeter, Cosmos Organic, IASC). ATALAYA BIO products are made of the purest premium organic and biodynamic certified aloe vera.

Do you have physical stores?

All over the world! We do distribute ATALAYA BIO products worldwide in pharmacies, parapharmacies, organic shops, beauty and health food stores. But be careful not to buy any other aloe vera product they have in there: there is a huge difference between
aloe vera products. Please ask for ATALAYA BIO products at any of them, they can order our products reaching us through our website contact form. Of course,
you can also purchase our products on this e-commerce, directly from us.

Why do so many people recommend ATALAYA BIO?

Because ATALAYA BIO products work. We do make our best effort offering you the best quality aloe vera products from pure aloe vera. One of the keys is simple: we are also farmers. We monitor the entire process, from the aloe vera plants growth to the development of the final products.

If you have any other questions, just drop us an email. 

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